Prepare to Level Up!

Alma's number 1 gaming and coffee shop is here and ready to rock the entirety of Gratiot county and far further with its exellent service and unmatched quality. We are driven to serve the community and foster an environment of acceptance for all. Our goal is to have something for every gamer who wants somewhere to go have fun in a safe environment.

How to stay up-to-date

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Facebook is the most effecient way to keep up with news relating to our opening. Our other most popular social media platform is Discord.

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Click here to visit our facebook page or visit us at 7328 N. Alger Road, Alma, Michigan 48801

Frequently asked questions

What are your hours?


We may also stay open later for gaming

Do we have decaf?


Do we buy trading cards?

Yes! Ask us about pricing

Do we sell coffee beans?

Yes! We retail Magnum Coffee!